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Requirements / Dependencies

The following resources are required for nss_block_weapons to work:


See for more information.


  • Block using weapons for a specific time after respawn from death.

  • Persistent blocking time for offline characters (until server or resource restart).

  • Completely configurable:

    • Configure block time.

    • Configure notification texts (in your own language).

    • Configure notification icons.

    • Enable status indicator with progress bar.

    • Configure status indicator style via config file.

    • Status indicator icon is replaceable (transparent png file).

    • Configure debug mode.

  • Good performance on server and client side.

  • And more...

Open ToDo's

  • Nothing ;)

Known issues

  • Currently, no known issues.

Setup script

  1. Ensure that the nss_block_weapons folder is in your resources folder.

  2. Rename config.demo.lua to config.lua and fill in the values.

  3. Add ensure nss_block_weapons to your server.cfg.

  4. Restart your server.


What happens if the player dies during the blocking time?

The blocking time resets and starts again from the beginning.

What happens if the player re-join the game during the blocking time?

The blocking time is persistent on the server and will not reset.

What happens if I restart the server or the resource during the blocking time?

All blocking times will be reset.

Can a doctor stop the blocking time?

Currently, no.

How can I test the notifications?

Turn on the debug mode in the configuration. Restart the resource. Now you can use the following commands to test the notifications on client side:

  • block_weapon_show_block_message

  • block_weapon_show_unblock_message

  • block_weapon_show_try_blocking_message

Are there any commands?

Yes, but only in debug mode:

  • block_weapon_show_block_message

  • block_weapon_show_unblock_message

  • block_weapon_show_try_blocking_message

  • block_weapon_add_ammo

  • block_weapon [duration_in_seconds] duration_in_seconds is optional

  • unblock_weapon

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