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Requirements / Dependencies

The following resources are required for nss_electric_chair to work:


See for more information.


  • Execution and torture system

  • Completely configurable:

    • Optional blackout effect on execution

    • Optional blackout effect across the map or only in the town of the execution

    • Optional chance to vomit during torture

    • Optional chance to burn after execution

    • Optional use of electric chair helmet

    • Optional restrictions to jobs for each electric chair

    • Place radius (for sound range)

    • Unlimited power levels (e.g. for different torture methods)

    • Optional power level damage

    • Configurable keys

    • Configurable object model hashes (e.g. if you want to use other models for the electric chair)

    • Volume of sounds (e.g. for generator startup/shutdwon, etc.)

  • Custom unique sounds

  • Language support

  • Optional ipl and ymap support

  • Optional Discord webhooks

  • Notice to died player that he/she is really dead ;)

  • And more...

Open ToDo's

  • Nothing ;)

Known issues


  • After relogging the player could not see generator sparks if the player spawns in range of the generator. After leaving and reentering the range the sparks are visible again.

  • If player sit on chair and log out nobody can use the chair anymore until the script restarts. See

  • Blackout can cause game crashes for some players.

Setup script

  1. Ensure that the nss_electric_chair folder is in your resources folder.

  2. Place the electric chairs and generators objects via ipl and/or ymap.

  3. Rename config.demo.lua to config.lua and fill in the values.

  4. Add ensure nss_electric_chair to your server.cfg.

  5. Restart your server.

Optional: ipl

Tipp: It is always better to use game based objects (ipl's) instead of placing them via ymap.

  1. Open file [cfx-default]/[maps]/ipl/interiors.lua and add if not exists or comment in the following ipl's:

    • Saint Denise - RequestImap(-2124415277)

  2. Ensure that the coordinates of the ipl locations are added to the config file, too.

  3. Restart your server.

Optional: ymap

You can use this electric_chair.ymap to place electric chairs to prepared locations in your map. The electric_chair_config.lua file contains the coordinates for the electric chairs for the script.

  1. Extend Config.Places in config.lua with wished entries from electric_chair_config.lua

  2. Copy the electric_chair.ymap file into [cfx-default]/[maps]/maps/stream folder.

  3. Restart your server.


I can't hear the generator sounds

Ensure that Chrome is not muted in Windows volume mixer.

Can I use other props?

Yes, you can use other props. You have to change the model hash in the config file.

On deadly execution many players getting a game crash

On deadly execution blackouts appear. This can cause game crashes for some players. Disable the blackout effect in the config file and check if the game crashes are gone.

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