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Requirements / Dependencies

The following resources are required for nss_emotes to work:


See for more information.


  • 4 Hotbars with 10 slots each

    • Emotes, Walkstyles, Special acts, Items and many more assignable to hotbars.

    • Use mouse wheel to switch hotbars

    • Use modifier keys to switch hotbars

  • Tons of emotes

    • Over 275 emote animations

  • Walk styles

    • Over 50 walk styles

    • Walk styles are saved in database and will be restored after spawn/death/relog.

  • Special acts via commands and/or key binding:

    • Ragdoll

    • Finger pointing (and alternate version)

    • Hands up

  • Player can set up its own options:

    • Background effects

    • Sound effects volume

    • "Break looped emote (and ragdoll) on movement"

    • "Show tips of the moment"

    • "Reset emote wheel on close"

    • "Performance mode" for older computers

  • Restrict usage of wheel buttons to specific chars, groups and/or jobs.

  • Quick search (to search and assign results)

    • Use Shift + Emotes open key to open the search

  • Inventory (to assign items to hotbars)

  • Splash screen to welcome players to your new emote experience

    • Setup and configuration tips for best performance

  • Vorp prepared clothes commands

  • Full language support via language files

    • EN and DE already included

  • All configurable

    • Create your own emote wheels

    • Use custom commands or events (e.g. from other resources)

    • Key bindings

    • Commands for special acts

    • And more...

  • Full responsive design: Suitable for all common screen resolutions.

  • Never miss updates again: Automatic version check included.

  • Know how it works: Everything is documented in detail in the

  • And more...

Known issues

  • Currently, no known issues.

Setup script

  1. Ensure that the newest version of nss_libs is installed.

  2. Ensure that the nss_emotes folder is in your resources folder.

  3. Copy config.demo.lua to config.lua and fill in the values.

    • This file contains general settings for server & client including the emotes and their commands.

  4. Ensure there is a language file for your language in languages folder.

    • If there is a language file for your language, then check if the strings are translated correctly.

    • If there is no language file for your language, then copy languages/en.lua to languages/<your language>.lua and translate the strings.

    • Goto into config.lua and set Config.Language to your language.

  5. Go into folder html_nss_emotes and copy config.demo.js to config.js and fill in the values.

    • This file contains the settings for the NUI, e.g. the available emotes in the emote wheel or NUI keybindings.

    • For detailed NUI setup guide see, please.

  6. Copy addons/vorp_inventory_client_nss_addon.lua into client folder of vorp_inventory resource.

    • This file contains some extensions for vorp_inventory to support the emote wheel with weapons.

  7. Add ensure nss_emotes to your server.cfg.

  8. Restart your server.

Video tutorials


Why are user interface animations are slow / laggy?
  1. If tripple buffer is enabled in your game graphics settings, then this is a known issue. Deactivate tripple buffer in your game graphics settings to increase the performance of the user interface animations. Additionally, you can deactivate MSAA and Reflextions MSAA. Lower the Particle quality. This will help too.

  2. Go into Settings > Game > NUI Acceleration of the REDM launcher and activate Fix 'UI lag'... to increase the performance of the user interface animations. IMPORTANT: RESTART THE REDM LAUNCHER FOR THE CHANGES TO TAKE EFFECT!

Why does not work Shift + Numpad on Microsoft Windows operating systems in NUI?

This is a feature (not a bug) of Microsoft Windows operating systems. See for more information. We have an idea to fix this, but it is not implemented yet because it is too much work. Use the normal number keys instead.

Why does finger pointing not work if I press the finger pointing key?

There are multiple resources, like rs_rm and rs_multi that having its own finger pointing system mostly on key 4. Ensure if the key 4 is not used by another resource.

How to set up kd-clothingwheel?
  1. Place a client event anywhere in your LUA client code:

    AddEventHandler("OpenClothesWheel", function() 
  2. Add .setEventName('OpenClothesWheel') to your emotes button in the javascript config:

        .setEventName('OpenClothesWheel'); // <-- Add this line

    This is just an example of a button in the root wheel. You can add buttons to folder wheels, too.

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