The Keyboard module was designed for easy use in your scripts and to ensure high performance.

Especially the performance is very important. The module should prevent loops from running in several scripts that query whether various keys have been pressed. The module has a loop that can be used by all. This main loop is resource-saving and only queries keys that have been registered in the event procedure for observation in the module.

Note: If the dependent resource stops all listeners of that resource will be removed automatically.

How to use

Simple example

---@type NssLibsKeyboardApi
local keyboard_api = exports.nss_libs:getKeyboardApi(GetCurrentResourceName())

---@param listener_api NssLibsKeyboardKeyListenerApi
local on_press_b = function(listener_api)
    print('B was pressed', listener_api.listener_id)

keyboard_api.onKeyDown(keyboard_api.Keys.B, on_press_b)

Extended example

---@type NssLibsKeyboardApi
local keyboard_api = exports.nss_libs:getKeyboardApi(GetCurrentResourceName())

----@type NssLibsKeyboardKeyListenerApi
local key_n_listener_api, key_l_listener_api, key_i_listener_api

key_n_listener_api = keyboard_api.onKeyDown(keyboard_api.Keys.N, function(listener_api)
    print('N pressed, disable N key, enable L key', listener_api.listener_id)

key_l_listener_api = keyboard_api.onKeyDown(keyboard_api.Keys.L, function(listener_api)
    print('L pressed, disable L key, enable N key', listener_api.listener_id)

key_i_listener_api = keyboard_api.onKeyDown(keyboard_api.Keys.I, function(listener_api)
    print('I pressed, remove all key listener', listener_api.listener_id)

Method reference

Object NssLibsKeyboardApi

A standalone object which contains functions to create key listeners.

Getting the object

---@type NssLibsKeyboardApi
local keyboard_api = exports.nss_libs:getKeyboardApi(GetCurrentResourceName())

Methods and properties

  • onKeyDown(key_hash, on_press_callback) Creates a new key listener and returns NssLibsKeyboardKeyListenerApi object.

    • key_hash The hash number of the key that should listen to.

    • on_press_callback(listener_api) The callback which gets fired if the listened key was pressed.

      • listener_api is NssLibsKeyboardKeyListenerApi object.

  • Keys A table with all key hashes. See NssLibsKeyboardKeyMap for more information or the config.lua file.

Object NssLibsKeyboardKeyListenerApi

A standalone object which contains some information and functions.

  • listender_id number Identifier of key listener.

  • key_hash number The hash number of the listened key.

  • remove() function Method to remove the listener.

  • on() function Method to (re)activate listener.

  • off() function Method to deactivate listener.

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