Provides an animated modal with customizable content. The modal considers if the user currently typing in an editable element (like input or textarea) and prevents the modal from closing if a close key was pressed during typing.

How to use

ES6 module import

For NssUiApi usage, please see the README.md of the nss_libs/ui folder.

Alternative example of direct ES6 module import:

import {NssModal} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssModal/NssModal.js";

Create instance

import {NssModal} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssModal/NssModal.js";

const content_el = document.createElement("div");
content_el.innerHTML = "Hello World!";

 * @type {NssModal}
const nss_modal = new NssModal();

    .onClose(() => {
        // Do your stuff here...

// Example: Close modal after 3 seconds automatically
window.setTimeout(() => {
}, 3000);

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