This component creates a tip with a title and a description. The tip is placeable at specific positions.

How to use

ES6 module import

For NssUiApi usage, please see the README.md of the nss_libs/ui folder.

Alternative example of direct ES6 module import:

import {NssTip} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssTip/NssTip.js";

Create tip

import {NssTip} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssTip/NssTip.js";

 * @type {NssTip}
const tip = new NssTip('YOUR TEXT HERE');

    .setDuration(5000) // After 5 seconds the tip will be hidden, default is 4000
    .setBottomRight() // Default is bottom center

Available positions

  • setBottomCenter()

  • setBottomLeft()

  • setBottomRight()

  • setCenterCenter()

  • setCenterLeft()

  • setCenterRight()

  • setTopCenter()

  • setTopLeft()

  • setTopRight()

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