nss_libs is a collection of helpers for REDM scripts. This library is designed for

  • ease of use

  • high performance

  • reusability (Instead of writing duplicate code each script!)

It offers a wide range of so-called LUA modules and UI components.

The current state of the library is alpha. This means that the library is not yet feature complete and there may be bugs. Use the library on our own risk.

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See for more information.

Setup script

  1. Ensure that the nss_libs folder is in your resources folder.

  2. Rename [config.demo.lua] to config.lua and fill in the values (currently there are no values).

  3. Modules can have their own config files, check the modules for config.lua or config.demo.lua files. Note: This is not necessary for all modules and depends on your use cases (e.g. as developer to enable debug modes).

  4. Add ensure nss_libs to your server.cfg. Note: Place it on top of all resources that uses nss_libs.

  5. Restart your server.


  • Countless ;)

Dev hints

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