nss_libs - Inventory

This module contains an inventory api that wraps inventories from other frameworks like Vorp.

How to use

Client side

-- Gets the client api.
---@type NssLibsInventoryClientApi
inventory_client = exports.nss_libs:getClientInventoryApi(GetCurrentResourceName())

-- Use item of with inventory item id 12 and item name 'coal'.
inventory_client:useItem(12, 'coal')

Server side

-- Gets the server api.
---@type NssLibsInventoryApi
inventory = exports.nss_libs:getInventoryApi(GetCurrentResourceName())

local server_player_id = 12 -- Just an example.

-- Add 1 coal to the inventory.
inventory:addItem(server_player_id, 'coal', 1)

-- Gets all items from the user inventory.
---@type NssLibsInventoryNamedUserInventoryItemList|nil
local user_inventory_items = inventory:getUserInventory(server_player_id)


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