This component provide a simple button component with callback functionality and styles.

How to use

ES6 module import

For NssUiApi usage, please see the README.md of the nss_libs/ui folder.

Alternative example of direct ES6 module import:

import {NssButtons} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssButtons/NssButtons.js";

Simple button

import {NssButtons} from "nui://nss_libs/ui/NssButtons/NssButtons.js";

 * @type {NssButtons}
const buttons = new NssButtons();

 * @type {NssButton}
const btn = buttons.create('Button text');

    .onClick(() => {
        // Do your stuff here...

NssButton methods


  • enableGlowing()

  • disableGlowing()

  • setGlowGreen()

  • setGlowDanger()

  • setGlowGold()


  • setGold()

  • setDanger()

  • setSuccess()

  • setWhite()

  • setGrey()


  • setSizeVerySmall()

  • setSizeSmall()

  • setSizeNormal()

  • setSizeLarge()


  • setDisabled()

  • setEnabled()

  • setBorderless() Removes inner button padding.

  • unsetBorderless()

  • setIcon() Change styles of button to support icon.

  • unsetIcon()

  • setLabel(new_label) Change label of button. Supports HTML.

  • getEl() Returns the button element.

  • getWrapperEl() Returns the button wrapper element. Use this to add as child of other elements.

  • onClick(callback) Register a callback function which is called when the button is clicked.

  • appendTo(target_el) Append the button to the end of the element. (New since version 0.31.0)

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