0.33.0 (2024-04-15)

  • Fix "404 not found" in NssClient module.

  • Add method isTableEqual to NssLibsSharedHelper.

  • Add methods onGroupChange, onJobChange, onJobGradeChange, getSourceOfChar and getSteamIdOfChar to NssLibsCharacter api.

  • NssLibsCharacterApi now uses the VORP cache instead of database for job and group information. VORP does not save changes of jobs and groups directly to the database. So we have to use the VORP cache.

  • All instances of char_data form NssLibsCharacterApi are now singletons. If a group, job or job grade changes, then the singletons will be updated with the new data.

What must be considered during update?

  • Nothing.

0.32.0 (2024-03-30)

  • Add playAnimation() and requestAnimDict() to NssLibsClientHelper.

  • Fix thread id check NssLibsSharedHelper:createThreadSafeMonitor. Monitor now stops if :stop() is called.

What must be considered during update?

  • Nothing.

0.31.0 (2024-03-26)

  • Add appendTo() to NssButtons ui component.

  • Fix getClientCharacterApi so it now returns the requested character api.

  • Fix NssLibsSharedHelper:createThreadSafeMonitor now uses the correct getUniqueId method considering client and server.

  • Update arguments for vorp_inventory:useItem to new version 3.5 of vorp_inventory (use now data object with id and item instead of arguments itemId and itemName).

What must be considered during update?

  • Update vorp_inventory to version 3.5.0 or higher.

  • Note: If you can not update vorp_inventory to version 3.5.0 or higher, then do not update nss_libs to version 0.31.0 or higher.

0.30.0 (2024-03-02)

  • Add setMovementDetectionSensitivity() to NssLibsPromptsGroupApi.

  • Add hideOnMovement(), showOnMovement() and isHideOnMovement() to NssLibsPromptsPromptApi.

  • Fix issues with prompts on movement detection.

  • Add special notes to NssLibsPromptsPromptApi group restriction documentation.

What must be considered during update?

  • Nothing.

0.29.0 (2024-02-23)

  • Add getEntitiesNearby() to NssLibsEntityInRangeApi.

  • Add createResourceEventName(), padWithZeros(), dateToUnixTimestamp() and unixTimestampToDate() to NssLibsSharedHelper.

  • Add getCurrentServerTimestamp() and getCurrentMsTimestamp() to NssLibsClientHelper.

  • Change getCurrentTimestamp() to a local way in the client.

  • Add property required_message to NssLibsConfigValidatorRule.

  • Extend the logic for serverIsReady() and onServerReady(). Now ships info about timeout and can ship additional data.

  • Make serverIsReady() and onServerReady() silent in server console.

  • Add getHandle() to NssLibsParticleFxPlayerApi.

  • Add closeInventory() to NssLibsInventoryApi.

  • Add NssLibsClientCharacterApi for the client and prepare a demo bridge to VORP for it.

  • Rename allowDuringDuringHogtied, forbidDuringDuringHogtied, allowDuringDuringMovement and forbidDuringDuringMovement to allowDuringHogtied, forbidDuringHogtied, allowDuringMovement and forbidDuringMovement in NssLibsPromptsPromptApi (remove double during in name).

  • NssLibsServerHelper:addEventHandler() now returns an api to handle the event handler e.g. via api:destroy().

  • NssLibsClientHelper:addEventHandler() now returns an api to handle the event handler e.g. via api:destroy().

  • Extend the documentation of the NssLibsHelper module.

  • Extend the documentation of the NssLibsCharacter module.

  • Add more details to error messages in NssLibsPrompts module if the given key for a prompt is not valid.

  • Add higher_or_equal_as_number_properties, pre_check_rule and does_not_exists rules to NssLibsConfigValidator.

  • Add hasOneOfTheJobs(), hasJob(), hasJobGrade() and isEmployed() to NssLibsCharacterItem.

  • Fix _isEntityValid() of NssLibsSharedHelper now recognizes custom filter function correctly.

  • Fix createThreadSafeMonitor() of NssLibsSharedHelper now returns a monitor object.

  • Fix missing array of strings in contains rule self test of NssLibsConfigValidator.

What must be considered during update?

  • Ensure that allowDuringHogtied, forbidDuringHogtied, allowDuringMovement and forbidDuringMovement of NssLibsPromptsPromptApi is used correctly in your own developed resources.

0.28.1 (2023-12-12)

  • Add rules max, higher_as_number_properties and linked_with_properties to rule set of NssLibsConfigValidator.

0.28.0 (2023-12-11)

  • Add addGold, hasGold and subGold to NssLibsCharacter module.

  • Add getGoldImage, getWeaponImage, getWeaponImages, canCarryWeapon and createWeapon to NssLibsInventory module.

  • Add type weapon to ConfigValidator module.

  • Ensure prints containing only strings to prevent SCRIPT ERROR: error object is not a string.

0.27.1 (2023-11-24)

  • Fix endless while loop in InventoryClient:getUsedFramework(), thx to @Valko.

  • Add createThreadSafeMonitor() to NssLibsSharedHelper module.

  • Make file name more detailed in NssLibsServerHelper:requireFiles() error message (white spaces are now visible).

  • Fix and remove some print outputs.

0.27.0 (2023-10-09)

  • Add NssLibsAttachProp module.

  • NssLibsSharedHelper:hasTableEntries() initially checks for nil before checking for entries.

  • Add fireToAll(event_name, ...) to ClientEventApi module.

  • Add getPlayersInRadius(), getPlayerClientIdsInRadius() and getPlayerServerIdsInRadius() to NssLibsClientHelper module.

  • Add named keys to NssLibsPromptsApi so you can give "E" instead of hash as key value.

0.26.0 (2023-08-03)

  • Add NssLibsNotify module/api.

  • Add NssLibsConfigValidator module/api.

  • Add waitUntilLoadingsScreenEnds() to NssLibsClientHelper module.

  • Add isFloat(), isFunction(), isTableArray() and isTable() to NssLibsSharedHelper module.

  • Add setRadius() and createRadiusAtCoords() to NssLibsBlip module.

  • Add getCharacterByCharId() to NssLibsCharacterApi module.

  • Add serverIsReady() to NssLibsServerListenerApi module.

  • Add onServerReady() to NssLibsServerEventApi module.

  • Add getRandomArrayElement() to NssHelper ui module.

  • Title of blips are now shown.

0.25.3 (2023-07-13)

  • Add requireFiles() to NssLibsServerHelper module.

  • Add existsItemInDb() and requireItemsInDb() to NssLibsInventoryApi module.

  • Add onConnected() and isStarted() to NssLibsDatabase module.

0.25.2 (2023-06-30)

  • Fix null pointer exception in NssTip ui module.

  • Add more meaningful error messages for database errors in NssLibsDatabase module.

  • Add more meaningful documentation for NssLibsDatabase module.

0.25.1 (2023-06-29)

  • config.demo.lua is not encrypted anymore. is updated.

0.25.0 (2023-06-28)

  • getFirstFoundWrapper of NssLibsServerHelper now returns additionally the resource name.

  • Extend Inventory module by client side, e.g. to use items and weapons.

  • Add debounce to NssHelper ui module.

  • Add hide to NssTip ui module.

  • Add debounced to NssLibsSharedHelper module.

  • Inventory change listener is now debounced to prevent multiple calls of same cause/reason.

  • ClientEvent module now checks correctly if no callbacks are available.

  • listenInventoryChange of NssLibsInventoryApi listen now to more Vorp Inventory events.

  • If multiple sounds are start playing at same time the master volume is now used correctly in NssAudio ui module.

  • NssHelper.debounce and Nsshelper.debounceClock now considering arguments for debounced function.

0.24.0 (2023-05-06)

  • Add mock for NssClient UI module to simulate LUA client calls and NUI calls in your local browser during development.

  • Add getHelper() to NssUiComponentInterface UI module.

  • Add new font to NssResponsive UI module.

  • Add pitching to NssAudio UI module.

  • Add SVG to CSS mask-image feature to NssSvgReplacer UI module.

  • Prevent duplicated mouse events for NssPadLock.

  • Add code caching to NssPadLock.

  • Add getUserInventory and listenInventoryChange to NssLibsInventoryApi module.

  • Add debouncedClock to NssLibsSharedHelper module.

  • Add addEventHandler to NssLibsClientHelper and NssLibsServerHelper modules.

  • XHR loading indicator now works as expected in NssClient ui module.

  • Move GIF animation to CSS for NssLoadingIndicator ui module.

  • Add setMasterVolumeInPercent and resetMasterVolumeInPercent to NssAudio ui module.

  • Steam profile url in NssLibsCharacterApi is now correctly formatted.

  • Add createObjectCloneto NssHelper ui module.

0.23.0 (2023-04-03)

  • Encapsulate NssLibsPromptsPromptApi callbacks in separate threads to prevent blocking the main thread.

  • NPC module uses new NssLibsChunk module instead of PointInRange for better performance. The size of the chunks in the NssLibsChunk module is adjustable. The NPCmodule has high radius of 100 meters and more which causes in extreme high counts of chunks in the PointOfRange module. In the NssLibsChunk module with higher chunk size the count of chunks are reduced. That saves CPU and memory usage.

  • The PointInRange module now has a limit to prevent too much CPU and memory usage at high radius.

  • Add "buffer" chunks to NssLibsChunk to ensure that a coordinate directly on the border of a chunk is still recognized.

  • Add restrictions to Prompts module, like allow or forbid prompt enabled on mount.

  • Fix press/release events for prompts with multiple keys.

0.22.0 (2023-03-30)

  • Add new module NssLibsChunk.

  • Add new methods to NssLibsPromptsGroupApi:

    • linkToCoords - Links prompt group to specific coordinates.

    • linkToEntity - Links prompt group to specific entity.

    • linkToPlayer - Links prompt group to specific player.

    • linkToEntityModels - Links prompt group to specific entity models.

  • Add new methods to NssLibsPromptsPromptApi:

    • disableOnMoveOn - Disables prompt if player moves.

    • disableOnMoveOff - Do not disable prompt if player moves.

  • Extend NssLibsPromptsPromptApi to add on-press/on-release mode.

  • Add new methods getDecimalCount, inlineError and inlineWarning to NssLibsSharedHelper.

  • Add new method getUid to NssLibsClass.

  • Add new method disablePlaceOnGround, enablePlaceOnGround and getEntity to NssLibsNpcEntityApi.

  • Optimize system messages if a resource stops. Only messages from modules that have related dependencies to the stopped resource will be shown.

  • Add dependency check to VersionCheck module.


  • Properties now inheriting correctly from child classes in NssLibsClass.

  • Refactor Class to use NssLibsClass internally.

  • Remove NssLibsClass from exports because "deeper" functions are not shareable in exports.

  • Add new optional argument entity_type to getNearestObjectEntity in EntityInRangeApi.

  • Add new static constants ENTITY_TYPE_OBJECT, ENTITY_TYPE_PLAYER and ENTITY_TYPE_VEHICLE to EntityInRangeApi.

  • NssLibsCharacterApi:getCharacterByName() now checks the steam id correctly.

  • Replace config.lua with config.demo.lua to prevent overwriting the config file on update.

  • Add config.demo.lua to NssLibsCharacterApi to offer new debug option (create copy named config.lua in that folder to use it).


  • Blip color now overwrites other blip modifiers.

  • NPC has new methods onShow, onHide, onTimeWindowChange, onTimeWindowChange, hasTimeWindows and isInTimeWindow.


  • Refactor whole NssLibsBlip module.


  • NssLibsPointInRangeApi now optionally ignores the nearest check for a point.

  • Performance improvement for NssLibsNpcApi. Only NPCs in range will be checked if they are visible by time window.


  • Add new NPC api. Easy to create Non-Player-Character (NPC) for your REDM resource.

  • Optimize NssLibsSharedHelper:toFloat method to prevent nil pointer exception.

  • Add NssLibsSharedHelper:toInt method.

  • NssLibsPointInRange:unListen now consider empty chunks correctly.

  • Add more delay to automatic restart of resources by DependencyAutoRestart if nss_libs restarts to prevent crashes.


  • Add new Prompts api.

  • Add new ParticleFxPlayer api.

  • Fix null pointer exception in EntityInRange api.

  • Fix wrong return value in NssLibsSharedHelper:getHashKey

  • Add send to NssClientApi to send a message to the client.

  • playAudio of NssAudio now returns a promise which resolves when the audio is ended.

  • Add getId() to NssLibsPointInRangeListenerApi.

  • Fix null pointer exception in PointInRange if no "on leave" callback is set.

  • Fix calling init on source class instead of child class on inherited classes.

  • Fix wrong getModelHash (to getHashKey) method in NssLibsEntityInRangeApi.

  • getNearestObjectEntity in NssLibsEntityInRangeApi ignores now listener check.

  • Add new method getNearestObjectEntity to NssLibsEntityInRangeApi.

  • Add new methods stop, loopAudio, getDurationInPercent, getCurrentTime, getDuration to NssAudio ui component.

  • Fix wrong admin group name in NssLibsCharacterApi.


  • Add new method setWebhookUrl, setUsername, setAvatarUrl and message to Discord API (NssLibsDiscordApi).

  • Extend Discord API documentation.


  • Add integrated sound fx to NssAudio ui component.

  • Update NssModal ui component with new integrated sound fx.

  • Add server player id to character data if available.

  • Add date and timestamp methods to helper modules.

  • Loading indicator now hides correctly on NssClient requests with callbacks.

  • Add events to call "nss_libs loaded and started".

  • Add getDate(format) to NssLibsClientHelper module.

  • Move some sensitive config vars to internal_cfg.lua.

  • Add "Last allowed version" feature to version check.

  • Prevent loading version urls from cache.

  • Refactor Helper module into separate server and client helper modules.

  • Fix wrong argument name in NssLibsSharedHelper:getHashKey().

  • Refactor EntityInRangeApi (clear instead destroy item sets).

  • Add loading indicator to NssClient ui component if a callback is given to post method.

  • Add getUniqueId() method to NssHelper class.

  • Fix missing fade animation for NssLoadingIndicator ui component.


  • Added NssLoadingIndicator ui component.

  • Added NssAudio ui component.

  • Switch all ui components to new base class.

  • Fix "editable" method in NssModal ui component.


  • NssModal now consider if the user currently typing in an editable element (like input or textarea) and prevents the modal from closing if a close key was pressed during typing.

  • Add some content to some readme files ;)


  • Add method strTrim to NssLibsHelper.

  • Add method getCharacterByName to NssLibsCharacter module.

  • Add sounds to NssButtons ui component.

  • Add NssButtons to NssConfirm ui component.

  • Add Character:getCharacterByName.


  • Rename Helper to NssLibsHelper to avoid namespace conflicts.

  • Remove deprecated custom Promises class.

  • Add NssClient LUA module to NssClient ui component.

  • Fix method name in Inventory module.

  • Add timeout to ServerEvent.await method.

  • Add for Discord module.

  • Add NssModal ui component.


  • Extend Helper module with createWrapperFinder, getKeysFromTable, getCurrentTimestamp, waitUntilFirstStarted, waitUntilStarted and doUntilTimeout functions.

  • Character module now waits/searches for first loaded character framework.

  • Inventory module now waits/searches for first loaded inventory framework.


  • Add RegisterUsableItem to Inventory module.


  • Add DatabaseUpdater module: Automatic database updater for resources based on the VersionCheck module.

  • Extend VersionCheck module: Add getCurrentVersion function.


  • Fix entry check in EntityInRangeController.

  • Add possibility to create config.lua file each LUA module.

  • Refactor Keyboard module to new requirements.


  • Replace error messages in VorpCore wrapper of Character module with print calls.

  • Extend Character module with new methods like getIdentifiers, getSteamId, getSteamProfileUrl, getDiscordId, getDiscordProfileUrl, getRedmCharacterName and more.

  • Extend Helper module with new methods isSteamWebApiKeyAvailable and strSplit.


  • Refactor EntityInRange module to new api style.

  • Add onResourceStop logic to remove listeners from stopped resources automatically.

  • See for more information.


  • Add new helper method roundand getEmptyFunction to Helper.

  • Mark Promise as deprecated.


  • Prevent DependencyAutoRestart from restarting resources that never was started before.


  • Prevent DependencyAutoRestart from restarting resources on server startup.


  • Add new DependencyAutoRestart module. See for more information.

  • nss_libs now using DependencyAutoRestart module to auto-restart resources that have nss_libs as dependency.


  • Switch to more readable front for NssPadLock.


  • Add new ui component NssClient. See for more information.

  • Add some files to ui components.


  • Fix wrong path to sound files in NssPadLock.

  • Add new DisableAutomatic mode in NssPadLock.

  • Change behaviour of onNewCode listener in NssPadLock.


  • Add translations support for NssPadLock.


  • NssUiComponentInterface now automatically load styles of component if instance is created and imported directly.

  • New component NssLockPad


  • Use new css module loader instead of relative paths.


  • NssSimpleTextEditor

    • Order of text sections are now correct if inserted between two existing sections.

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